Three years ago I was a brand-new mom in a busy job and a gigantic desire for more. My heart longed for more time with the people who mattered most. I spent most days wishing to be home with our young son and daydreaming about the creative license I felt I had lost. Then my sweet husband, always believing me,  said we should try it. Try what exactly? I don’t think we even knew. We had an idea for a kids t-shirt, born of my frustration that cute baby boy play clothes are few and far between. We had no clue how to manufacture and absolutely no clue how to run a business with an infant in tow. 

We did have a name though. John’s dad is famous for picking nicknames and our oldest son, Jack Monroe, got the best one. Named after my pawpaw, Jack needed a moniker to match his namesake. We first test drove Money, but that was too on the nose. John’s dad settled on Two Bits and we instantly knew our son and our budding business had a name. Two Bits Design Co. was a labor of love in the first year and days turned into nights of balancing family and time consuming jobs. Our little boy grew quicker than we’d planned and our dream exploded into a business we loved. 

We added our second son, Tate Turner, in 2016 and began to focus on bringing Two Bits into the fast paced and ever changing gift world. Our hearts desired so badly to share this amazing brand with people who shared the same values we held dear.  With the help and encouragement of several people who shall remain nameless (cough cough: everyone we met) our little t-shirt idea flourished into an amazing brand focused on bringing joy and simplicity to our customers.

When we sat out to create a product worthy of being invited into other people’s homes, we knew our inspiration had to come from all the amazing values our families had instilled in us. A simpler way of life, focusing on what really matters and ignoring all the noise that a busy, modern life brings.

The person who taught me that lesson most of all was my granny, Goldie Mae Sparks. Born in 1918, the middle child of all boys and raised in the cotton fields of the south, she knew what life was about. It was tough and gritty at times, but beautiful in all things. She gave me and my cousins a legacy to be proud of, honesty to value and pride in making something from nothing. Whether my mom and granny were spending the afternoon shelling peas or teaching me how to make chicken and dumplings from scratch they taught me that slow was usually good and those moments are truly where love lives. 

That focus, to be people of integrity and appreciate the simple beauty of life, is the center of Two Bits Design Co. It is what drives us to create products, content and stories that are not just gifts. Above all it is our desire to bring joy, love and kindness to every customer we touch and we believe it shines through in everything we do.

Our mission is creating products meant to last a lifetime. Gifts inspired by and meant to become family heirlooms. When designing our down home goods we imagine a family gathered around a table sharing a meal. A sweet baby resting under our breezy blankies or a pillow adorning your porch swing. We aim to inspire these tiny moments of joy that fill our lifetimes. Our products make us feel at home and we hope to share that feeling with every customer.