A Day at the Fair

A Day at the Fair


This past Sunday the 4 of us struck out in search of some fun before another busy week began. Zoo was our first choice but that quickly changed when we found out the fair was in town! Maybe it’s my granny in me but I absolutely adore the fair! In the south, it’s the first sure sign that fall is on the way. ┬áSeeing all the people who worked so hard on entering quilts, jams and crafts makes my heart sing. The boys were in it solely for the rides and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate.


Jack begged to take some of his piggy bank money and play “the balloon” game. To our surprise he managed to hit 5 balloons with 4 darts and win himself a prize!

Hot tip: if your 3 year old is clumsy, don’t let him do the hall of mirrors twice. A noggin bump happened more than once. All in all, he took it like a champ and both boys had an amazing time.

I love so much about the fair, but the petting zoo this year was the best! They had a baby alpaca, y’all. Have you ever pet a baby alpaca? They are so soft. John seriously checked under the stroller when we left the animal area because he was suspicious I had stolen that sweet baby! There were also 2 cows with fuzzy little muzzles that were irresistible. Watching the boys interact with animals they rarely get to see was a highlight of our trip!


A day long attempt to wear 2 toddlers out at the county fair ended after just 3 hours in the hot sun and too much sugar, so with chocolate in their hair and God-only-knows-what animal spit on their hands, we headed home for a nap!

What is the fair like in your hometown??


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